It was my first photography excursion to the great state of Nebraska and I had spent several days of solo camping in Niobrara State Park. The recreation area is located at the confluence of the Missouri and Niobrara rivers in the northeast corner of the state.

Photographer Pau Heckel found this lNiobrara State Park in Nebraska Alcohol Policy sign.
I came across this sign in Niobrara State Park a little too late.

The park is huge, occupying over 1,640 acres. I explored the large park and found many incredible landscape photography opportunities.

It was early autumn and had been getting a little chilly in the evenings. So that night, I decided to start a campfire and since I hadn’t eaten, grill some brats. I found this sign while searching for firewood information.

I’m not a big drinker. Anymore. Espresso has become my vice of choice. But I certainly like to throw back a few beers while enjoying a campfire. I’m sorry, Nebraska, but I think I broke a law or two.