Photo of Convict Lake in The Sierra Nevadas California photographed by Sioux Falls based landscape and travel photographer Paul Heckel.

Hand-Crafted, Fine Art Landscape Photography For Your Home Or Office.

From the click of the camera shutter to photo printing and shipping. My hand-crafted, hand-signed, fine art landscape prints capture some of this country’s most epic locations. Each with it’s own unique story. Art gallery quality photography that’s signed, sealed and delivered right to your door.

Photograph of SUV with Tepui Kukenam 3 Rooftop Tent mounted to top.

The Story Behind The Photography.

In 2018, my wife and I received an offer “we couldn’t refuse” and sold our downtown Sioux Falls, SD commercial office space. It was our home away from home that housed our studio and marketing company for 13 years.

With my advertising career behind me, I took a few months off to regroup. To travel. And to try my hand at landscape photography.

My first stop was Death Valley, California and the Sierra Nevadas. During that trip, I found a serene mountain lake surrounded by snowed-capped peaks. I took one of my first landscape shots there and became instantly hooked. Later on, I was urged to start selling prints of my landscape work and the rest, as they say, is history.

30 Days. 7000 Miles. 11 States. 12 National Parks.

My first step in this new venture was to develop a fine art library so I could sell prints. I needed a lot of images in a short amount of time. So, my 20 year old daughter and I embarked on a 30-day, 7000 mile camping/photography road trip. We visited 11 states, photographed 25 sunrises and hiked in 12 National Parks. Including a brutal hike to the top of Angles Landing at Zion National Park. I’ve written behind-the-scenes stories about some of those photos, which you can find here.

Since then, I’ve visited even more states and will add to my fine art offerings each year. Currently, I have over 100 photographs taken in 13 states in my library. Prints can be purchased, framed or unframed, through my online store.

Purchase Fine Art As Corporate, Client or Realtor Closing Gifts.

It’s December 4, exactly 3 weeks until Christmas. You’re in the staff lounge making your way through the first onslaught of vendor food gifts. Halfway into your fourth, no make that fifth, handful of chocolate bark, you suddenly remember that you haven’t asked your “office client gift committee” – yeah, the one that was formed in August so you wouldn’t get behind like last year – about the progress on this year’s gifts.

If this sounds familiar, I can save your butt.

Art always makes a great gift. Especially handcrafted, local art with a story attached.

Purchase affordable, artist-direct prints to celebrate employee milestones, for new business pitches or Realtor® closing gifts. Any occasion that calls for something unique and personalized. Best of all, your clients won’t put on Holiday weight and blame you for it.

Choose from my ever-growing library of signed fine art landscape photos – taken in some of the country’s most epic landscapes. Including South Dakota locations like Badlands National Park, the Black Hills, Spearfish Canyon, Custer State Park, Chamberlain, Sylvan Lake, Norbeck Overlook, various prairie and grasslands images, and Lewis & Clark Lake near Yankton.

Many custom sizes and framing options. Discounted and corporate pricing packages available.

“I purchased a signed print from Paul to give to a client as a closing gift. They were very appreciative for the personal touch and were excited to show me where they had hung the artwork in their new home. “
–Darcie Bontje, Sioux Falls Realtor®
Photography hanging on the walls of Dunn Brothers Coffee on East 10th in Sioux Falls, SD

Fine Art Prints For Corporate, Medical Facilities or Business Installations.

The construction on your company’s corporate office building was completed in 1998. Back then, the lobby was all new and shiny. Photographs, paintings – all of the art – looked fantastic for the chamber ribbon cutting. Your competitors were jealous and your clients were very impressed.

Since then, your lobby has seen 14,536 clients, 9,302 vendors and 953 employees. We’re not even counting the guy you hired but didn’t show up. Not to mention 6 police officers, a somewhat intoxicated gorilla and one, slightly terrified Animal Control Officer. Must have been one hec of a Christmas Party!

Anyway, that once new-looking lobby is really starting to show it’s age.

Lucky for you, I have the perfect gift idea.

I keep a library of over 100 photographs from 13 states with a whole lot more to come. Ready to print, frame and hang.

Signed prints can be purchased, framed or unframed, with subject matter ranging from local, to regional to national landscapes. And, I’m willing to work with you to shoot branded images for your your business or medical facility if you can’t find what you need here.

I offer many custom sizes and framing options with discounted and corporate pricing packages available.

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