Fine art photo from the top of Lombard Street or the curvy street in San Francisco California by Paul Heckel of Heckel Photography.

I Lost A Tooth In San Francisco

I’ve been fascinated with the San Francisco hills since about age 10. That’s when I found the grandaddy of all chase scenes in the movie Bullitt. A 1968 big block Ford Mustang vs a 1968 Dodge Charger RT. Lombard Street San Francisco. Good guy vs bad guys. Double clutching, tire squealing, serious air.

Movie lines like this:
Chalmers: “Frank, we must all compromise.”
Frank Bullitt: “Bullshit.”
What 10 year old kid or 40-something photographer wouldn’t like that?

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Cityscape photograph showing the Minneapolis skyline at dusk driving north on I 35W. Photographed by Sioux Falls SD based commercial photographer Paul Heckel of Heckel Photography.

Minneapolis Skyline

My daughter is a student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. As such, my wife, Nora, and I make the 4 hour drive from Sioux Falls to see her several times a year.

I’ve always loved the view of the Minneapolis skyline as you drive into the city from the south on I-35W. Especially when the city comes to life at dusk.

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