I’ve Been Everywhere, Man. I’ve Smelled the Mountain Air, Man.

As a hard-working commercial photographer, sometimes I need to get away from it all. And, when I say get away, I mean really get away. I’ve traveled to and photographed some of this country’s most epic landscapes. If I haven’t been there, it’s on my list.

Find inspiration for your next road trip and read behind the scenes travel stories infused with Heckel humor.

Get to know Sioux Falls Based Photographer Paul Heckel
“As a commercial photographer, Paul has a great eye for composition and offers a unique point of view on every project — undoubtedly because he’s short and can fit into small crevices.”
— Scott Ostman, Creative Director, Epicosity
“As a Sioux Falls native, I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of him.” 
— January Jones, Actress
“Paul ALWAYS delivers an excellent end product. He is wonderful to work with, however, he needs new jokes.”
— Larissa Hargens, Marketing, The University of Sioux Falls
“When Paul is behind the camera, I have no fear. Well, I have a lot of fear, but not about the outcome of the commercial photography”
— DonnaMae Wirtjes, Owner, Make Design Studios
— Former United States President, Barack Obama
“Even on a short timeline, Heckel delivers superior content with tremendous emotional power. In short, he’s a true professional. In the 20 years I’ve worked with him, he’s never fallen short.”
— Clara Jacob, Creative Director, Paulsen Marketing
“If I could have anyone Heckel me, I would want it to be him.”
— Jerry Seinfeld, Comedian
“We have a deal. He supplies food and tennis balls and I guard his camera equipment.”
— Zeppelin, Paul's Dog
Advertising studio portrait of Mad Scientist photographed by Sioux Falls based commercial photographer Paul Heckel.

A Sioux Falls-Based Commercial Photographer With An Insane Work Ethic

You’re reading this because you’ve searched Google and clicked the Heckel Photography link. Most likely, you’re looking for a Sioux Falls-based fine art or commercial photographer. Of course, you want that photographer to be down-to-earth and have an insane work ethic. But, before you hire them, you need to see their work, make sure they’re experienced and be certain they have the right gear to capture your business or your employees in the best possible light.

Put your mind at ease and learn about the photography services I offer.


5 Foot 6 and 7/8 Commercial Photographer Fueled by Espresso

Standing at exactly 5 foot 6 and 7/8 inches, Paul Heckel (or as his friends call him – Heckel) has worked as an advertising, portrait and commercial photographer for the last 25 years. Heckel is known for his perfectionism, professionalism and proclivity for antagonizing acquaintances, friends and family. Those who have survived his sometimes elaborate practical jokes become fast friends or bitter enemies.

From Graphic Design To Commercial Photographer

Fueled by a degree in graphic design and large amounts of espresso, Paul Heckel has worked in several markets as an art director, photographer and agency owner. He has a strong background in creative direction, print design, commercial photography and video production.

Hittin’ The Road, Jack

A lifelong passion for the outdoors fuels @HeckelOutside  which focuses on fine art landscape photography, content for the outdoor and travel marketing segment and an online art gallery.

Photo of Paul Heckel's expresson while on a photo assignment
Commercial Photography

Industrial to healthcare. Education to advertising. Learn about fine art and commercial photography services for your business.

Photography of gnarled roots of a mesquite tree in Mesquite Flat, Death Valley National Park taken by Sioux Falls SD based landscape photographer Paul Heckel.
Fine Art Photography

View photos captured in some of this country’s most epic landscapes. Or, purchase affordable, signed prints in my online art gallery.

Woman taking a photo of the California Redwoods during our 7000 mile road trip.
Go Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes of photos  from a dozen states. From South Dakota to California to Oregon. Infused with a Heckel humor.

Hand-Crafted, Fine Art Prints

Shop my online art gallery for hand-crafted, fine art landscape prints. Signed, sealed and delivered right to your door.

A fine art sunset photographt Sylvan Lake in the Black Hills of South Dakota by Sioux Falls SD based travel and landscape photographer Paul Heckel
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