Funny instagram comment from @heckeloutside

My Favorite Instagram Comment

Despite owning a small business for the last 14 years, I’ve never had a legitimate Facebook account. And I’m proud of the fact. However, when I began photographing landscapes, I knew Instagram was a necessity to promote and sell my photography. Traveling is expensive and I have to keep the bank account funded or my adventure venture will end prematurely.

So, acting on the advice of my 20-something daughter, I created an Instagram account and @HeckelOutside was born. Before that time, I honestly thought Instagram was a new Polaroid camera.

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Funny photo of a Lebron James Starbucks cup while commercial photographer Paul Heckel was traveling through Florida's Miami International airport.

Bored In Miami

It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I had just spent the past 10 days traveling solo driving from Miami to sunny Key West and then back again along the Overseas Highway. I know, rough life – but I swear it was a working trip and I had to apply sunscreen at least twice a day. Anyway, I’d dropped off the rental, checked some luggage and had made my way through security with my rolling camera bag.

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Mountain Goat iMountain Goat in the Black Hills of South Dakotan the Black Hills of South Dakota photographed by Sioux Falls SD based landscape photographer Paul. Heckel

Gored By A Mountain Goat

If a photographer gets gored by a mountain goat on the border of a National Park and State Park, what agency has jurisdiction to slap an “idiot” sticker on his forehead?

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