Despite owning a small business for the last 14 years, I’ve never had a legitimate Facebook account. And I’m proud of the fact. However, when I began photographing landscapes, I knew Instagram was a necessity to promote and sell my photography. Traveling is expensive and I have to keep the bank account funded or my adventure venture will end prematurely.

So, acting on the advice of my 20-something daughter, I created an Instagram account and @HeckelOutside was born. Before that time, I honestly thought Instagram was a new Polaroid camera.

Funny instagram comment from @heckeloutside
This is my favorite Instagram comment in the short time I’ve had an account.

I began by posting some of what I felt were my best landscape photographs. Surprisingly, I’ve enjoyed the Instagram experience. Not enough to post to Facebook, but you never know. I’ve met some really cool, received a ton of travel advice and Instagram provides a good forum for feedback. I have appreciated all of the kind words and comments. Even like the comment from @don.mora above.

I found his comment organizing image files for my website. Although I can’t recall what Altocumulous formation deserved such an original comment, I guess I found it funny enough to save a screen shot of the banter. In the future, I promise to pay closer attention to the clouds so as not to offend.

Thanks @don.mora for the laughs.