First Snowfall
Sioux Falls South Dakota

Photograph of an early snowfall overlooking the Sioux River in SIoux Falls, South Dakota by landscape photographer Paul Heckel.

Photograph Details:
I’m not a winter person. Ok, let me rephrase that, I am not a snow person. I like winters just fine when they are warm and dry. Like in Arizona or Key West. Anyway, after an early snowfall, I drove around my hometown of Sioux Falls to capture some photos of the cold, white stuff. I photographed this scene from the 10th Street viaduct. Although I cringe at the thought of snow, I can certainly appreciate the beauty and the contrast it adds to landscape photos. Note the two little, cold ducks swimming in the middle of the frame.

Paul Heckel
Heckel Photography

Technical Details:
Canon 5Ds with
Canon EF 16-355mm f/2.8L
1/30 seconds @ f14

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“When I was a kid, I could literally spend 15 hours outside in the snow and I would still complain when my parents made me come inside. Now, after 15 minutes, I’m done.”
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